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Prospective Collaborators with IFEDS

Collaborations with various institutions can greatly enhance the effectiveness and impact of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Development Studies. Here are some institutions IFEDS intend collaborating with

Identify faculties, centres of excellence, offices and units within the University with potentials for innovations and products for commercialisation.
Collaborate with faculties, centres of excellence, offices and units with entrepreneurship potentials
Document products with market potentials in the various organisations for follow-up
Collaborate with local community organizations and chambers of commerce to promote entrepreneurship at the grassroots level.
Organize joint events, workshops, and mentorship programs for aspiring entrepreneurs.
Collaborate with technology transfer offices from universities to facilitate the commercialization of research and innovation.
Work together to bring research-driven innovations to the market.

Partner with institutions that focus on creative industries, arts, and culture.
Explore how entrepreneurship and innovation can intersect with creative fields.
Partner with government departments responsible for economic development, innovation, and small business support.
Collaborate on policy research, advocacy efforts, and programs that promote entrepreneurship at a policy level
Collaborate with industry-specific associations to gain insights into industry trends, challenges, and opportunities.
Offer joint workshops, conferences, and networking events that connect students with industry professionals.
Partner with established businesses to provide students with access to industry mentors, internships, and real-world projects.
Collaborate on research projects that address industry-specific challenges and innovations.
Collaborate with local regional and global startups and incubators to provide students with hands-on experience and exposure to the startup ecosystem.
Join or collaborate with regional or global startup networks to expand the institute's reach and connect with a broader entrepreneurial community
Establish pathways for startups to access the institute's resources and expertise.
Collaborate with NGOs focused on social entrepreneurship and sustainable development.
Partner on projects that aim to address societal challenges through innovative solutions.
Collaborate with other academic institutions to share resources, faculty expertise, and research findings.
Jointly offer interdisciplinary courses or dual-degree programs related to entrepreneurship and development studies.
Facilitate student exchange programs to expose students to different perspectives and entrepreneurial ecosystems.
Collaborate with research organizations that focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development.
Jointly conduct research projects, publish reports, and contribute to the academic understanding of the field.
Collaborate with investment firms to connect students and startups with potential funding opportunities.
Offer joint workshops on pitching, fundraising, and investor relations
Partner with international organizations focused on development, entrepreneurship, and innovation.
Collaborate on projects that have a global impact and address cross-border challenges.

When forging collaborations, IFEDS will align with institutions that share similar values, goals, and a commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and development. The nature of collaboration can range from joint research projects and co-hosted events to student exchange programs and shared resources. Customizing collaborations based on IFEDS’s strengths and goals will lead to more meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships.