IFEDS Publications

The following are the publications by the Institute:

1. Institute’s Handbook: The handbook contains information about IFEDS staff and B.Sc. (Entrepreneurship & Industrial Extension) degree programme. The handbook can be downloaded here.

2. Institute’s Journal: The Institute publishes journal titled Ife Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Management. The maiden edition was published in 2015 and the Volume 2 No 1 was published in 2016.

Maiden edition (published 2015)     Vol. 1, No. 1 (published 2016) – ISSN 2489-0235

3. Entrepreneurship & Management Training Programmes Brochure: The Institute organised entrepreneurship and management training for existing and prospective entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship educators, executives of cooperative societies and retirees. The various editions of the training programme brochure are shown below. Click on each picture to download.

2016 edition                                                            2017 edition