DII IFEDS Sister City Project OYOTUNJI VILLAGE  OYOTUNJI, NORTH AMERICA'S OLDEST AUTHENTIC YORUBA, ​AFRICAN KINGDOM. Oyotunji African Kingdom 56 Bryant Lane Seabrock, S.C. 29940 South Carolina, U.S.A Introduction Oyotunji African Village (OAV), also known as North America’s Oldest Authentic Yoruba African Kingdom, is a village situated in U.S.A South Carolina near Sheldon, Beaufort County. It [...]

Entrepreneurship Event at OAU

Hult Prize OAU Community, in collaboration with IFEDS, organised the biggest entrepreneurship event on OAU campus on Wed. 13 Nov. 2019, with over 2,500 students in attendance. Also, the premier Entrepreneurship Club on campus – the OAU Spark Hub, was launched. Visit https://24naija.com/2019/11/26/nigerias-new-wave-of-entrepreneurs-making-history-at-the-hult-prize-on-campus-event-in-oau/ for more information.

IFEDS Understudies TASUED on Vocational Studies

  The Director, IFEDS, OAU, Ile Ife, Dr. Isaac Abereijo, in company of Dr. Tope Jegede, visited Tai Solarin Univ. of Edu., Ijagun, Ijebu Ode to understudy her vocational studies. The duo were warmly received by the Director and Deputy Director of the Centre for Vocational & Entrepreneurial Studies. More info at https://www.theowlcampus.com/oau-understudies-tasued-on-vocational-studies/

CBN visited IFEDS

Officials from Osun State branch of Central Bank of Nigeria had a verification visit on the 20th February, 2019 and approved IFEDS as one of its Enterprise Development Institutes to serve as intermediary for entrepreneurs to access CBN funding scheme known as AGSMEIS.

Dr. Akinyemi delivered lecture on The “We” Concept

Dr. Folashade Akinyemi delivered a public lecture on the “We” Concept for Organizational Growth & Generational Impact on Wed., Dec. 12, 2018, at Forbes School of Business & Technology, Ashford University, USA. Listen to the lecture at https://www.ashfordfacultycreativescholarshipblog.com/2018/12/the-we-concept-for-organizational.html.

Dr Akinbami received the International Women’s Day Award

Through the ACU’s CIRCLE programme, Dr. Akinbami was awarded a visiting fellowship at the Univ. of Ibadan, Nigeria, to study how climate change affects women and rural entrepreneurship. She is working with policymakers and other stakeholders to design and implement ‘climate smart’ projects. Read more at https://www.acu.ac.uk/news/view?id=205

Report Reveals World’s 250 Top Business Schools

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