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Our Roles in the Community

The Institute of Entrepreneurship and Development Studies (IEDS) plays an important role within the university community by providing specialized education, research, and outreach programs focused on entrepreneurship, business development, and management. The institute contributes to the university’s mission by promoting innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship as tools for socio-economic development and sustainable growth.

One of the key roles of the institute within the university community is to provide specialized education and training programs focused on entrepreneurship and business development. These programs are designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to become successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. The institute’s programs also help to attract and retain students interested in entrepreneurship and related fields, thereby contributing to the university’s overall academic reputation and student engagement.

The institute also contributes to the university community through its research programs. The research conducted by the institute informs policy, supports decision-making by businesses and policymakers, and provides insights into effective strategies for promoting entrepreneurship and business development. The research also helps to attract funding and other resources to the university, which contributes to the university’s overall research reputation and impact.

Finally, the institute’s outreach programs play an important role in promoting entrepreneurship and supporting small business development within the university community and beyond. These programs engage with local communities to provide support, resources, and training to aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses, thereby contributing to the socio-economic development of the wider community.

Overall, the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Development Studies plays an important role within the university community by promoting entrepreneurship, business development, and management education, conducting impactful research, and supporting local community development.