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Administrative and Institutional Structures to Drive Implementation of IFEDS Programmes

There are two main divisions at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Development Studies IFEDS): Research Division and Extension Services Division. The research division is the core academic division while the Extension Services Division is further divided into two units: Management Consultant cadre and Industrial Officer cadre. In terms of entry and advancement requirements, research division and management consultant cares have similar conditions. However, the entry and promotion requirements for industrial officers are different from those of research and management consultant cadre.

For administrative convenience and operational effectiveness, we will restructure the activities of the institute along the following:

Identify and conduct strategic researches in various areas including but not limited to entrepreneurship development, innovations, Management development, strategic leadership and sustainable development.

Monitor progress of the Institute towards set goals and documents progress, lessons learned and provide inputs for policy redesign and fine-tuning towards continuous improvement.
Suggest innovative entrepreneurship curriculum that are not just meeting current challenges but anticipates solutions to future challenges in the society before they crystallise.
Develop national training programme in entrepreneurship, industry, public sector and other areas of management with a view to meeting manpower and capacity development needs of Nigeria.

Come up with innovative workplan, marketing and delivery strategy.
Identify opportunities in the digital economy and
identify ideas for development and commercialisation.
Leverage on technology for creating new jobs
Encourage technology adoption for existing businesses
Manage Business Resource Centre

work with digital economy unit to develop an online platform for Business Clinic and virtual consultation.
Forge strategic collaborations and partnerships towards actualising the objectives of the Institute for innovation and more feasibility of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Conduct institutional resource mapping of OAU and its affiliates with a view to identifying opportunities for innovation and intellectual properties ready for commercialisation.
Embark on attitudinal change campaign towards a change orientation towards entrepreneurial mindset and innovation.

OAU must move away from being a traditional University that generates and archive knowledge to an entrepreneurial university that generates knowledge, innovates and commercialises the knowledge through University-Industry-Government collaboration framework (Tripple Helix Model).
Coordinates administrative structure of the institute
Coordinates the maintenance of all IFEDS assets
Manages staff welfare
Do any other jobs as may be directed by the Director